Unscented sunscreens are becoming a must for skincare fans in recent times, thanks largely to social media and the information (and misinformation!) it’s brought us. Whether your preference is for a mineral sunscreen or a chemical one, chances are you like yours with little to no fragrance, especially if you have sensitive skin, rosacea or are acne prone.

Since Maeva houses thousands of sunscreens from all of the top websites, we’ve created a handy list of the top five best fragrance free spfs available right now.

Fragrance free tinted sunscreen

Photoderm Max Tinted Cream SPF 50 40ml
Available for £8.72 on maeva

For such a great price (just £8.72) on maeva, it’s hard not to pick up this Bioderma formula even just to try it! The Photoderm Max Tinted Cream offers a protection level of SPF 50, and we love the simple formula without alcohol or essential oils. Of course this option doesn’t include fragrance, so all in all we think it’d be an awesome tinted option for sensitive skins.

Fragrance free mineral sunscreen

The Inkey List Daily Sunscreen SPF 30
Available for £14.99 on maeva

If you’re sensitive to chemical filters, you might be looking for an all mineral sunblock without fragrance. Not only is The Inkey List’s Daily Sunscreen in SPF30 entirely mineral and without fragrance, but it’s also alcohol and essential oil free. Pro tip: oftentimes essential oils are not labelled as fragrance, but they can still provide a scent to the product and are sometimes sensitising to certain skin types.

Fragrance free sunscreen spray

Decree Day Shield SPF 30
Available on maeva for £75

A sunscreen spray or mist is the perfect solution for mid-day top ups, scalp protection or over-makeup application. Decree’s Day Shield offers SPF 30 in an ultra lightweight texture, offering two kinds of mineral sunscreen filters for maximum protection and of course – no scent!

We recommend this one to touch up your morning application of a slightly more heavy duty SPF cream or lotion.