Something a little bit different today! I’m going to be reviewing the most discussed and hyped products on Reddit’s infamous r/skincareaddiction subreddit. If you’re wondering, here’s the full list of the 55 most-talked-about items on skincare reddit.

For a little context, I’m the co-founder of Maeva (and writer of all these blog posts!). I struggled with my skin on and off for years, and have now finally found a methodology to balance my skin using primarily retinoids and sunscreen. Clearly, I’m keen on skincare, so before I rate all of these products, please know that all skin is different, and if you love a product that I don’t, I absolutely encourage you to keep using what works for you.

A little disclaimer: I’m not a cosmetic scientist or dermatologist, just an enthusiast! Over the years of struggling with my skin, I’ve created my own guidelines on what to look out for in products and how to evaluate formulas, based on my own experience.

A nice up-nose shot of the texture struggles I’ve overcome in the last few years.

1. CeraVe hydrating cleanser

Overall I’d rate this 6/10, it’s not my favourite but it is a lot of other people’s favourites so that’s gotta mean something. Plus, it’s hardly offensive, just pretty plain and simple.

2. CeraVe moisturising cream or ‘CeraVe in the tub’

I’ll rate this one 7/10 because, whilst it is a great basic, affordable moisturiser for many, it could easily break a few people out here and there.

3. CeraVe foaming facial cleanser

All in all, I think this is a very solid choice for those with oilier skin, I’d rate it 8/10.

4. CeraVe moisturising lotion

Overall I’d give this 7/10, just like its sister product in the tub.

5. CeraVe PM facial moisturising lotion

Overall I’d give this a 5/10, I don’t feel this formula is anything too special, especially for acne sufferers. There are lots of other options out there that I think would pose less of a risk.